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I have a folder I call "compliment bank." Inside I keep the nice things people have shared about me. These words illustrate the dedication I bring to my job and how I treat others.

A Personal Thank-You

...out of all the folks I've dealt with in the concert arena, you've been one of  the nicest and most patient with me as I learned a totally new job. I thank you for that and I look forward to the time when I can thank you in person.
- Keefer Fulgham, 97.3 KBCO Radio Personality


Thanks again for the feedback yesterday, really helpful. Management thought you were the most informed and prepared marketer we talked to. Appreciate the attention.

- Polly Walter, United Artists Marketing Manager

Great Teamwork

I have been meaning to write you and say "well done" – on a great job promoting our SOLD OUT show together! I really appreciate how helpful and responsive you were to our ideas in promoting this show and I’d like to think part of the success was the teamwork you and I did.

So – seriously – thanks so much and we’re looking to coming back to play for you guys again soon!

- Dave Weissman, Publicist for Greensky Bluegrass

Impressive Promotion Job

​I was very impressed with the promotion job that you did and the ensuing results of a near capacity turnout for the Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band show at the Bluebird in Denver Saturday night. I was wondering if you could please send me a recap of your promotional efforts so we can analyze what was done on the marketing end for that date that might have been different than other markets in hopes of perhaps finding a template for other promoters to use. I know we did the promotion with Fat Jack's and based on your idea there I'm trying that with a pizza chain for their show in Indianapolis on Saturday.

- Brett Steele, Artist Manager for Reverend Peyton's Damn Band

Consistently Creative

Hi Darlene, I just did a quick recap with Sparks / FFS manager (Sue) and she wanted to really highlight what a pleasure it was working with you and how great of a job she thought that you did. I know it was not the easiest show, and everyone really appreciates the extra effort and attention that you gave, and the fact that you were constantly able to think creatively and pro-actively. She was very impressed and pleased. So: thanks!  Great job!

- Sam Hunt, Paradigm Agency


Hey Darlene, I really appreciate the tips and pep talks you give us periodically. I think you have really good ideas. I also appreciate the positive reinforcement, which motivates me. I don’t think there’s anyone else in the company that verbally rewards us except for in our immediate office. And I think positivity is one of the most important things anyone can bring to a company.
- Aimee Janisch, Assistant Tour Manager for Big Gigantic

Hey Darlene! You have really made a positive impact on my 2015 year at AEG. We started off this year with a Pho lunch and I felt that I got to know you better on a personal level. I really enjoyed shadowing you at Zeds Dead and felt you had a very relaxed but controlled way of running the shows you market. The advice you gave me that night was to be a problem solver, and I believe is some of the best advice I’ve received. This is something I strive to work on and will continue to perfect for years to come. I believe you expressed to myself and the street team that you were making a conscious effort this year to manage how you critique subordinates. A perfect example of how you did this really well was after a day that you were out of the office and I quickly overlooked an email between you and a partner who was hosting a ticket giveaway. I recall that this day was especially crazy with a lot of printer troubles and instead of taking a moment to problem solve what this woman needed help with I differed the email back onto you. When you came in the next day you first asked me if I felt comfortable with you discussing the situation with myself, Ryan and Aimee in order to share a learning experience with the 3 of us. Instead of getting really angry with me, you showed me what I did wrong and how I could have problem solved to handle the situation in a much better way. I feel that this tactic is far more powerful in aiding to improve how I conduct my work at AEG. It also showed me how I can model your technique when I am managing similar situations with the part-time staff.

- Caitlin Mahoney, Marketing Manager for AEG Presents Rocky Mnts

Helpful During Transition

Thank you so much for the kind words! Having you working so closely with Twist made this transition into Dawn's job bearable. There were so many challenges in those first two years, and having such a kind and solid human being in this crazy marketing world was essential.

ALSO Patrick and I saw PRINCE because of you, and we will never forget that!! I look forward to many years of knowing you and working with you!

- Natasha Alexander, Promotions Director

Getting It Done
Other venues/promoters give me excuses as to why it can't be changed and then you go-ahead and get it changed first-time round - you are f***ing great D. 
- Bodie Johnson, Owner of Back Forty Artist Management


Darlene, I will never forget the kindness you showed me because you proved that professionalism can still be kind and respectful. I was always so happy to see you come through the door because I knew I could count on a big smile and a sincere conversation. 

- Brian H., Executive Assistant with WME

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